Jason Brown

Jason Brown

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture

Phone: (404) 385-2913Office location: Hinman Research Building, Rm. 358B 723 Cherry Street NW

Jason Brown received his BS in Engineering from Baylor University and his MS in Mechanical Engineering and Ph.D. in Architecture degrees from Georgia Tech. Prior to working in architecture, he engaged in experimental fluid mechanics with applications in biological cell culture, the sensory ecology of marine plankton, and the carbon cycle in the oceans.

His current research activities include energy performance based decision-making, particularly during early architectural design, calibration of energy models in support of building retrofits, and large-scale (e.g. urban-scale) building energy modeling.  His further research ambition involves investigating the roles of buildings in the larger context of coupled human and natural systems, including climate change.  He teaches the two Environmental Systems courses, Building Physics Modeling, and Facades Engineering.


Educational Background

  • 1995 - Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Baylor University
  • 1998 - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2010 - PhD in Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology


  • Thermal-fluid physics in buildings
  • Building energy use
  • Integrated modeling of building physics and controls

Research Ambitions

To enable the design and analysis of innovative building systems solutions using multi-domain modeling and computation.

Recent Publications

  • Rezaee, Roya, Jason Brown, Godfried Augenbroe, and John Haymaker. “The Application of Inverse Approach to the Early Stage of the Performance-Based Building Design.” In 14th International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association. Hyderabad, India, 2015.
  • Rezaee, Roya, Jason Brown, Godfried Augenbroe, and Jinsol Kim. “Assessment of Uncertainty and Confidence in Building Design Exploration.” Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing (2015). doi:10.1017/S0890060415000426.
  • Li, Qi, Gu Li, Godfried Augenbroe, C.F. Jeff Wu, and Jason Brown. “Calibration of Dynamic Building Energy Models with Multiple Responses Using Bayesian Inference and Linear Regression Models.” In Proceedings of the 6th International Buildings Physics Conference, IBPC 2015. Turin, Italy, 2015.
  • Quan, Steven Jige, Qi Li, Godfried Augenbroe, Jason Brown, and Perry Pei-ju Yang. “Urban Data and Building Energy Modeling: A GIS-Based Urban Building Energy Modeling System Using the Urban-EPC Engine.” In Planning Support Systems and Smart Cities, edited by Stan Geertman, Joseph Ferreira, Jr., Robert Goodspeed, and John Stillwell, 447–469. Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography. Springer International Publishing, 2015. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-18368-8.
  • Rezaee, R, J Brown, G Augenbroe, and J Kim. “A New Approach to the Integration of Energy Assessment Tools in CAD for Early Stage of Design Decision-Making Considering Uncertainty.” Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Product & Process Modelling (2014).
  • Brown, Jason, R.M. Ward, Ruchi Choudhary, and R. Slater. “Algorithmic and Declarative Modeling of a Greenhouse.” In Proceedings of the Fifth International Building Physics Conference. Kyoto, Japan, 2012.

Recent Courses

  • ARCH 3231 – Environmental Systems I, Spring 2015 and Fall 2015
  • ARCH 4231 – Environmental Systems II, Fall 2014
  • ARCH 6242 - Building Physics Modeling, Fall 2015
  • ARCH 8803 - Facades Engineering, Spring 2015