Godfried Augenbroe

Godfried Augenbroe

Professor, School of Architecture

Phone: (404) 894-1686Office location: 247 4th Street Room 265

Professor Augenbroe received an M.Sc. cum laude in Civil Engineering from TU Delft in the Netherlands in 1975. During the early part of his academic career in Europe he pioneered a commercial finite element toolbox for building simulation, and managed national and international projects on energy saving, technologies for engineering interoperability and semantic building product models. In the mid eighties, he was one of the lead contractors of the government funded Building Information Modeling (BIM) effort in the Netherlands. In the nineties he led a consortium of academic researchers and industrial developers in the COMBINE effort (Computer Models for the Building Industry in Europe), a 70 man-year project spanning 1990-1995. This project delivered the first prototypes of the next generation of integrated engineering design systems with emphasis on building energy performance, sustainability and services engineering.

Since 1997 he has headed the building technology area in the doctoral program in the College of Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he teaches graduate courses and conducts research in the fields of building performance concepts and simulation, control of smart systems, e-Business, system monitoring and diagnostics. He has also established an active research record in building process studies, construction project management, web hosted collaboration, and knowledge management, dealing with the development of software tools, their interoperability and their business integration.

In the field of energy modeling Augenbroe has led large building energy simulation projects for the development and application of energy saving technologies in buildings and residential construction. He has developed building energy performance metrics for large institutional real estate managers such as the General Services Administration in the US. He is also active in the development of communities of practice exploiting the emergence of WEB 2.0 social computing environments. As one of the first applications he is developing a CoP in healthcare design.

Augenbroe recently co-authored a book on advanced topics in building performance assessment, published by SPON. He is associate editor of the Architectural Engineering and Design Management Journal (James & James), and on the scientific board of five other international journals. He has published over 100 refereed papers. He has chaired three major conferences and delivered seven keynote lectures at international conferences. He is board member of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) and was the chair of IBPSA's bi-annual conference in August 2003. He currently holds a visiting professor appointment at Loughborough University in the UK.