Digital Building Laboratory (DBL)

The DBL was formed to respond to the current and future challenges within the design and construction industry: new Information Technologies, new methods of project delivery, new approaches to eliminate waste and make construction “lean”, new energy and sustainability challenges. The DBL is an umbrella organization, housed in the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech, bringing together the resources of multiple departments and colleges to address new or emerging problems/opportunities in architecture, construction and fabrication. Its purpose is to:

  • Undertake strategic industry studies – in technology development and assessment, collaboration, interoperability, productivity – for their own results, or as initial studies leading to longer term research
  • Provide testbeds for development and prototyping new technologies in fabrication and production
  • Promote interdisciplinary education, both within GA Tech and with other universities
  • Promote collaborative research between university units and some industries.

Currently, nine corporations are members of the DBL. See Sponsors on this website


The Symposium

The purpose of the symposium is to advance these areas and to grow the intersection between industry issues and university initiatives. In multiple segments, the symposium will address such issues as:

  • Interoperability and developing smooth workflows and data movement between tasks and collaborators
  • Building model correctness and checking of models
  • Improving energy feedback for design
  • Construction safety
  • Building skin mock-ups
  • Construction materials and products
  • A review and status of current projects funded through the DBL.

These will consist of mixtures of presentations and discussions with industry participants, regarding how university research groups can best address issues in architecture and construction.