During the DBL 2010 Symposium, the members recommended an examination of the relationship between the new technologies being developed (particularly BIM) and the new methods of project delivery relying on closer integration.

It was decided that the best approach to addressing this would be to organize a workshop to air current issues and focus on future research directions that DBL should be following. Member assistance by way of a steering committee was provided and planning began in the fall 2010. At an early stage it was decided to focus the content on “What Owners need to know” and to use as many case studies as possible, drawing on actual practice rather than theory. In other words this was not to be a BIM or IPD 101 session.

With help from members and others we were able to attract a knowledgeable and experienced range of speakers to whom we are most grateful for their presentations and participation. Each session is summarized in this report and accompanied with speaker bios and points of contact, together with their slide presentations.

A word needs to be written about the audience. This numbered up to 60 people from the AEC community, software development, insurance, law and the media, together with several owners and users. Participation was lively throughout and the interaction impressive.


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