2013 DBL Symposium


2013 Fourth Annual GA Tech Digital Building Laboratory Industry Symposium


May 6, - May 7, 2013


Klaus Advanced Computing Building Room 1116, Georgia Tech Campus


2013 DBL Symposium Program

DAY ONE:  Klaus  Advanced Computer Building, Room 1116,   May 6

8:30 AM

Introductions and greetings

-          Dean of the College of Architecture, Steven French

8:45 AM

Purpose of DBL and of the symposium – Chuck Eastman

Introduction to discussion topics

9:00 AM

Plenary Session – DBL Funded Projects 1:

-          Determining the Impact and Effectiveness of BIMBaabak Ashuri

-          Uncertainty and predictability in energy simulation – Jason Brown & Roya Rezaee

9:45 AM

Coffee Break

10:00 AM

Plenary session- SimTigrate Center.

Healthcare facilities research, Craig Zimring, GA Tech. 

10:30 AM

Plenary session- CFD  

Water table methods of airflow simulation in buildings – Philip Roberts

11:00 AM

Breakout Session 1 :

Room A:  Developing a BIM Execution Plan and Contracting Requirements for DB) Delivery Method– Pardis Pishdad

Room B: : Point Cloud Capture of Sites and Safety Planning – Jochen Teizer

11:30 AM


1:00 PM

Plenary Session – DBL Funded Projects  2:

-          Rule Checking of Space Requirements in Hospital Design – Yong Cheol Lee & Chuck Eastman

-          Knowledge capture in the design-fabrication of building skins – Marcelo Bernal

1:45 PM

Plenary Session – Panel session

Process Communication and Management methods: Short presentations and panel

         -      Process Integration Platform (John Hamaker - GT / for Reid SenescuCloudLeaps)
         -      DSM (Adept – John Haymaker for Jamie Hammond - Adept)
         -      SysML (Marcelo Bernal - GT)
         -      IDMs (Shiva Aram - GT)
         -      PLM (Matt Wheelis – Autodesk)
         -      LastPlanner (OurPlan…Atul Kanzode)

2:30 PM

Afternoon Break

2:45 PM


Break-out Session 2:

Room A:  Building Acoustics: Modeling and Abating Noise- Erica Ryherd

Room B:  Social Media and Collaborative Construction – Xinyi Song

3:15 PM

Break-out Session 3:

Room A: Factors in Expert Cost Estimation– Shiva Aram             

Room B: Using Campus Information Modeling (CIM) to Identify the Impact of Construction Site Boundaries – Matt Swarts, Jonathon Shaw

3:45 PM

Plenary session-

BIM for Masonry. development of applications and exchange for concrete block, cut stone, cast stone  - Russell Gentry

4:30 PM

Review of Day, Issues from Members:

getting issues from the floor to discuss

Plan for tomorrow;– Chuck Eastman

5:00 PM

Evening close



DAY TWO:  Klaus Advanced Computer Building, Room 1116,  May 7.   Starting: 7:30 AM

7:30 AM

Continental Breakfast

8:00 AM

Introduction to Today’s Agenda and schedule – Chuck Eastman

8:15 AM


Plenary Session:

 New initiatives to support Workflow Exchanges – Chuck Eastman

8:45 AM

Plenary Session – DBL Funded Projects  3:

-          Use of AR in Facilities Management Javier Irizarry

-          How to decide how to decide: An analysis of decision processes for AECO -  John Haymaker

9: 30 AM

Break out Session 4:

Room A: : Behavioral Centric System Integration in Building Models– Andres Cavieres and Francisco Valdes

Room B:  Tangible Interaction: 3D printing and Interactive BIM Models -

Racel Williams and Massoud Gheisari

10:00 AM

Break out Session 5:

Room A:  Materials tracking for masonry – Russell Gentry

Room B : Security and signature of neutral BIM data file –Donghoon Yang

10:30 AM

Coffee Break


Plenary Session– DBL co-Funded Projects  4:

AECC3 – Entrepreneurship in the AEC Community – KP Reddy and Chuck Eastman


Plenary Session: Review and Feedback

Discussion and Prioritization of Studies –  Eastman

Review of Next Steps; review of DBL Structure and process




Conference Closing

Tour of the SimTigrate Center