Academics Overview

Master of Science in Architecture
The Master of Science in Architecture is a three semester, post-professional degree program designed for mid-career professionals and students with an interest in emerging technologies in architecture and construction.
Graduates bring unique competitive advantages to their field; and many choose to pursue academic careers by continuing in the PhD program.
Students work with eminent and leading industry players in avant-garde architecture design. Graduates approach design with extraordinary creative flexibility and mastery of scripting; material properties; machining processes; and parametric modeling.
Graduates of this program become experts on the impact of design decisions on building performance at the early stages of design. These green-building practitioners are able to oversee the engineering and detailing of the building at later stages of the design process to ensure that performance targets are documented and fulfilled.  
 PhD in Architecture
Georgia Tech houses one of the largest PhD programs in architecture in the country, with nearly 70 students enrolled and more than 70 graduates.  Admission to the program is competitive and takes into account the fit between applicants’ intentions and lines of research and scholarship active among Digital Building Lab researchers.