The development of digital building modeling, new methods of project delivery, new methods of teaming and new materials and technologies all show that the old ways of design and construction are inadequate. New requirements are becoming obvious—for sustainability, for emerging materials and new construction processes; and for better methods of knowledge acquisition and use. The cycle of waiting for maturation in the marketplace to test new approaches must be replaced with improved cycles that support innovative research, development, testing, and adoption. Working relationships with research universities are an important means to realize these ends. The Georgia Tech Digital Building Laboratory's purpose is to develop a strong research and development link between the building industry and the building research-related capabilities of Georgia Tech to improve the innovation cycle.

The Georgia Tech Digital Building Laboratory (DBL) draws researchers from various academic units at Georgia Tech, including faculty and students in Architecture, Computing, Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, who work in building-related areas. 

The DBL facilitates and supports advanced master degrees:

MS degree   - with specialization in Digital Design and Fabrication

                   - with specialization in High Performance Building