Digital Design and Fabrication
  • Development and assessment of software for virtual testing of new building components and assemblies; closing the loop with prototyping and physical testing
  • Assessment of new building methods, including assembly and fabrication methods, mixing shop-based and field fabrication
  • Exploring new materials with digital design, prototyping and fabrication
  • Streamlining off-site fabrication with robotics


Energy and Sustainability
  • Development of performance assessment tools
  • Applying performance requirements to building products
  • Integrating performance assessment with BIM


Modeling and Visualization
  • Developing interactive environments using game engine technologies
  • New technologies to capture “as-built” conditions
  • The evolutionary development of tools to support retrofit design and engineering


Systems, Processes and Interoperability
  • Standards development to realize interoperability for particular next-generation workflows
  • Specifying and improving project work flows as part of the project delivery planning process
  • The development of rule-based systems for automated building model checking of both model quality and design issues
  • The emergence of BIM servers to enhance integrated project delivery